Are you curious how you can adapt your fitness plans to better suit your body? Whether you're facing physical disabilities like paraplegia or dealing with chronic conditions such as arthritis, there's a place for you in the world of fitness. 
Let's explore how you can tailor your exercise routine to fit your unique circumstances! 

Why does exercise matter? 

First things first: why exercise? Well, regardless of your physical condition, exercise is crucial for both your mental and physical wellbeing. But when you're living with a disability, the game changes a bit. Your muscles might be prone to underuse, overuse, or misuse, leading to imbalances that need addressing. 
For instance, if you're a wheelchair user, you might have killer arm muscles from all that pushing, but your back muscles might be feeling a bit neglected. That's where adaptation comes into play. 

Adapting exercise plans 

So, how do we adapt exercises to fit your needs? Enter our sports therapists and physiotherapists! Our team of professionals specialise in customising workouts to accommodate various abilities and conditions. 
One common strategy is to modify the positioning of exercises. Many rehab exercises for able-bodied individuals start in a lying position and progress to seated before advancing to standing. Luckily, most upper body and spinal exercises can be done while seated, making them accessible to a wide range of individuals. 
And if traditional exercises aren't an option for you, fear not! There are plenty of alternative activities to explore. Can't physically ride a bike? Try a hand cycle. Struggling with running due to visual impairment? Enlist the help of a guide. Dealing with arthritis pain? Opt for low-impact activities like swimming or cycling to ease the strain on your joints. 

Do I need to go to a gym? 

Now, you might be wondering if you need to hit the gym to get your sweat on. The short answer? Nope! While gyms offer great resources, you can achieve a killer workout right at home. All you need are some resistance bands, a couple of tins of beans (yep, you read that right), or even just your own body weight. 

Where to start? 

You might be thinking, this all sounds great but how do I get started? Well, that's where our team of sports therapists comes in. They'll start by getting to know you and your unique needs, then craft a personalised plan to help you reach your fitness goals. 
We've worked with clients of all abilities and conditions, so rest assured, you're in a judgment-free zone. Have questions or concerns? We're here to listen and support you every step of the way. 
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